Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Blog!

This is the new link to my other blog. : p

LOL!! Sorry bout the previous mistake made. : p

Silly me had a @ instead of a . ! : )

Monday, September 21, 2009

Long time?! I KNOW!!! =)

Whoopy doodle do!!! =)

I'm back. Not for good though. Was kinda bored and am procrastinating and i LOATHE the idea of having to do so much work given a short period of time. >:( *stomps feet*

Am prob gona have updates. But trust me, they wont be all the time. =p

Like NOW!!! =) Hahahaha!!! I'm juggling between doing my Structural Biochem reportS (yes.. note the S!! I have 2 reports to finish) and i'm also pondering on how i'm gona do my Uni Chem 2 assignment thing and not forgetting my Structural Biochem assignment too!!! =(

Owh and i also have to study for my Uni Chem 2 quiz which is on Fri if i'm not wrong and i also have to study for my Structural Biochem quiz which is next week??? Ai yai yai..U know how ppl say u can slp when ur dead. I hate them. Coz now i'm all bloaty and tired looking and i seriously look like some sick person who lacks every vitamin the world creates!! ='(

Boo hoo for that.. But anywho.. Am gona get back to doing my WORK!! *rolls eyes* I hope i have the energy to last coz my couch is calling me and my bed is screaming my name!!! =) I love my bed.

To my fellow uni mates, break a pen!! =) Hahaha!!! U know ppl say break a leg when ur gona perform right?? So yea.. Break a pen. Get it?? GET IT??? No?? Nvm... =P

Tata for now!! =)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


hello loves!!

ok peeps!! this is gona be like a super DUPER short post!! (like urs trully!) ;)

29/4 (Wed)

UNI ORIENTATION!!!!!! ( sigh.. there goes slping late and waking up at 8!! )

30/4 (Thurs)

UNI ORIENTATION!!!!! day 2.. ( who knew we needed 2 days of orientation!! )

1/5 (Fri)

MOVING IN!!!! :) ( lets all scream , F-I-N-A-L-L-Y FINALLY!!!!! )

Okie dokes peeps. Am done here!! :) Have a happy jolly stressful year!! :P



Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pics as promised! :)

hello loves!! :)

Ok ok.. So i have promised u pictures and pictures is what ur gona get from this blog post. I am so gona OD u guys with my camwhoring pictures which i snapped uncontrollably coz i was ON A ROLL!!! :) Owh.. And while i was camwhoring for u lovelies, my pants fell!!! :P Unfortunately for u, i did have a picture while it happened and N-O, NO i am so not posting it up here!! :D Hahaha!! Have a ball laughing ur silly arse off!! :) Loves!

Thats all folks!! :) Hahaha!! Yes yes.. Ur prob wondering why in the world the pics all look the same or abt the same or SOMETHING same!! Well.. I dont get bored of them. Do u??? :) Those who know me well enough knows that i'm at good at making silly faces and looking naturally stupid. :P Blooperrific, no??? Hahaha!! I hope u had a good laugh. And i'd prob be camwhoring the next time when i'm in the new hse??? Was suppose to be in on the 15th of April, but guess what!! Yes genius.. We delayed again!! But this time!! Its for real ppl. 1st Of May!!! FOR REAL OK!!!! :)



p/s: why'd u have to go breaking my heart???

Monday, April 13, 2009

An update..Finally. :)

hello loves!!

Ok.. So i havent been updating so sue me. Been real busy and tired and just plain lazy! :P There has been nth much going on except for the "eye-to-eye contact" the owh so panas carpenter and i have been doing!!! *grins* He is so yummy but i have decided to lay off the whole desperate hsewife drama thing coz they are almost done and i'll be moving in soon and I WILL NOT BE SEEING HIM ANYMORE. So bye bye mr hottie pants!! :( Who knows right.. I might get lucky some other time maybe?? ;) In my dreams i will ofcourse! Hahaha!! I am too lazy to upload my camwhoring moment pics now coz it takes FOREVER!!! So dont blame me! Blame my pain in the arse internet connection which is killing me right now coz its driving my msn and i CRAZY!!! My msn has a life of its own as it keeps logging on and off! *shudders*

Been meaning to actually call my ex up and prob try to resolve things between us?? But.. Nah!! :P Hahaha!! I dont want to end up quarrelling with that boy and besides...I think i'm moving on quite well! *pats head* But i've been pretty mean to afew other boys coz i've been saying NO one to many times. So pathetic right?? Someone smack me in the head la. But then again.. U cant blame me for it coz i somehow dont get the guys i want!!! :P Take for example mystery boy (whos name starts with ? and ends with ? ) Hahaha!! Too bad!! I aint telling u who coz he reads my blog. But if u want to kepoh then ask me k! I will tell u who! ;)

So my aunty whom i adore and love love love so much came back from HK on Wed!! :) Yippie ya yay!!! This time, i manage to spend some time with her and her work partner Steve! He's a pretty cool fella. And so i went out to lunch with her and Steve and grandpa and grandaunt! Yes.. The 5 of us went for lunch and had a pretty jolly good time! Well.. At least i did!! We (grandpa, grandaunt and i) headed over to Gardens as she was staying there coz she LOVES midv. Gramps had the jockey take his car coz he was too lazy to find parking. :P Laziness runs in the fam!! ;) Hahahaha!!! Waited for like 5 mins coz she was walking from Midv to the hotel to meet us! Was shocked beyond words to be spotting her in SHOES instead of HEELS!!! My aunt btw wears heels like all the time!! But she told me she's changed her routine coz she needs to walk more these days so she leaves like truckloads of her heels in the office. Cool!! :) So we headed straight for the directory (coz i myself hadnt been to Gardens since they opened) and started searching for some Canton-I restaurant gramps claimed was yummy. Instead, we saw Crystal Jade and decided to eat there coz my aunt felt very dim summy! :) Lunch was hilarious coz it was Good Fri and i had to FAST but i couldnt fast coz that would be the only lunch i get to have with my aunt before she left as she had alot planned and so i HALVED everything i ate!! :) So good right?? So yea.. Opened up the presents my aunt bought for me and i had like a million stuffs in one big bag!! (Guilty as charged) My aunt loves to spoil my bro and i. Whos to blame!! :)

Anywho.. Steve took care of the bill and i thanked him like a gazillion times for buying us all lunch. My bad habit!!! :P I mean.. I know its good but i wont stop till i'm told to shutup which ofcourse no one told me to that day!! Hahaha!! So we were walking around for a bit and yapping non stop till we reached the hotel lobby again and waited for the jockey to bring the car around which seemed like forever but i was grateful for that coz i got all the time to be talking to my aunt. She got me to try on her latest baby which is her Chanel Shades!! Mmm... So yummy!! She bought it like 2 wks ago in HK with her new bag!! Pfft.. She can be their spokesmodel!! No kidding ppl!! She even told me that she'll pass them to me once i turn 21 and when i graduate she'd take me to a Chanel boutique to pick out MY VERY OWN CHOICE!!! Was grinning from ear to ear. When the car came we gave each other big big hugs and kisses and i was close to tears coz i wouldnt be seeing her till July/August and thats if i get my arse to HK for a holiday which I AM HOPEFULLY getting. :( Wanted to book a ticket to follow her back but i couldnt coz i thought we were shifting in on Wed (yes.. this Wed) but guess what.. We postponed AGAIN!!! Coz not everyone is done and mum and i just met the landscaper fella today.

Anywho.. Called my aunt on Sat just to talk and we couldnt stop talking for like hours coz we had so much to talk abt!! Decided to call her again yest nite coz her flight was today at 8 in the morning. Talked for hours again!! (sorry daddy bout the phone bill thats coming VERY SOON) She gave me lectures over the phone and i thanked her over and over again. She shocked me beyong words when she told me she passed her 2wks old shades to gramps to pass TO ME!!! :) That was when the whole "Thank u ku cha" burst out non stop!! She even told me that Steve was complaining saying that she spoils me and i told her plainly that he's just jealous she's spoiling me and not him. :P Which is so true!! *grins* Steve cant blame my aunt for spoiling us coz she loves us like we're her own kids! And i'm not that spoilt. Honest!! :) My aunt is allowed to shower us with gifts coz we hardly see her. And even if we do she's always busy running abt doing what she has to do and its like for 5days the most! So yea..

Moving on.. Been feeling pretty upset lately. Dont know whats happening to me!!! I think i'm finally gona be driven to the mad hse! I get upset most of the time like so randomly and i get happy after that and i either get sad or grumpy after that!! Owh.. The other day, i went to have lunch at my usual yummy chicken rice place and the waiter there was staring at me non stop!! To the extent where he'd be staring even as he's walking!! Omg.. But i have to honestly say.. He's pretty good looking!! :) Even when i was walking to the car he was staring non stop and as we were driving away HE WAS STILL LOOKING!! Weird as it is we had to go back there again yest nite for dinner with uncle Bob whom we love love love so much coz he's helped us alot. Mum, bro and i had to be there early coz we had to book a table and order the dishes already coz uncle Bobs flight was at 8.30pm and it was 6!! So yea.. Imagine the chaos!! So... When the waiter dude spotted me, he had the whole staring thing going on AGAIN!! Omg la.. I was freaking scared and excited at the same time!! Told u guys i'm finally going mad!! He was staring at me thoughout dinner and i was well.. Trying to not look which was really hard coz he kept serving up my table.Dinner went on smoothly and dad sped all the way to KLIA to drop uncle Bob off and when dad got home at 7 plus we knew uncle Bob wouldnt have missed his flight! ;)

Am so bored now i'm bickering sweet nothings!! :P But who's to blame right???? At least i'm being productive! Or not.. Hahaha!! Either way works! Owh!! And i'm like so sick of everyone telling me i'm losing too much weight when really, I HAVENT BEEN LOSING ANY WEIGHT!! Instead.. I'VE BEEN PUTTING ON WEIGHT!! So yea.. Mums been complaining, aunts yes ppl AUNTS have been complaining and friends have been complaining too!! But seriously ppl.. I've been doing nth but eat, eat and eat!!! Talk abt stuffing myself FAT!! So yea.. When u see me, do say that i've been putting on weight k! Atleast u'd make me happy. :)



p/s: Boy u drive me insane to the membrane but i somehow
cant stop thinking abt u and all that we've been through.
Do me a favor and stop biting me in the arse abt what we
could have been. Thx sweetie. ;)